These Are a Few of My Favorite Things - Little Things Sunday March 17, 2013

Irish oatmeal with maple cream!  Super Yummy!
New recipes to try.

Plenty of food to eat and try new recipes with.

A public library to frequent.

A whole day at home with out anywhere to run to.

A nice long nap.

Spring break for the children this past week and their excitement about heading back to school Monday.

How well my children are reading...

...and playing the piano...

....and writing.

A castle, complete with moat and alligator  and alligator eggs, made with homemade play dough.
 Playing games with my children.

Looking out the window and seeing a snow fort in the backyard.

That the ice is finally melting around here!

That the sun has been shining lately.

My time that I spend with my wonderful husband..
 Weekly date nights.

Daily time to reconnect.

Hugs and kisses.

Morning coffee.

Morning quiet time to read my Bible and pray.

Those first snuggles from my munchkins each morning.

An hour long talk with my Mother-in-law on the phone after not talking to her for quite a while.

My Missy reading before bedtime with the flashlight her grandparents bought her for Christmas this year.
My children begging to read for just "5 more minutes, please?"

Hearing my children discuss a book they have both read.

Dinner by candle light every night.

Evening prayers before bedtime.

Evening family Devotional time.  

I am so very, very blessed!
What are you favorite things this week?


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