These are a Few of My Favorite Things - Getting Ready for Christmas

We are into the season of Advent here at our house - the season of waiting and preparing for the arrival of our Lord and Savoir. 

I love this time of year - all the twinkling lights, the smell of evergreen and the excitement that's in the air.  Baking is a big deal in our family and we take part, making favorites like sugar and ginger cookies as well as traditional family fare of krumkaka and lefse (we skip the lutefisk, thank you very much!).

We're slowly decorating here.

Right now we have the Advent Wreath up with the four purple and one white candle.

The Nativity is waiting in it's box to be taken out later this week.

The pine cones and bulbs and soft felt Christmas ornaments from my childhood are waiting to be added to the china cabinet, also later this week (hopefully).

The presents are starting to be made and some are even finished!  A few even are wrapped!

Our advent wreath from last year - surrounded by cookies for a Christmas Day party! Isn't it lovely?
 Truly, getting ready for Christmas is one of my favorite things!


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