Goals - Week of November 11, 2012

By now I should definitely know better than to think things are going to get "easier" around here any time soon.  I think that's a pipe dream until both John and I are done with school and then we will have new challenges but hopefully a little more "wiggle room" in the schedule and the budget!

Last week I hit the wall with my health yet again.

I knew I was sick but I had no idea how sick. 

One thing that living with a chronic illness has taught me is that it is very hard to know if you're actually sick otherwise. At least when the illness is similar to what your chronic illness is.  I have chronic sinusitis and a chronic digestive tract problem too. 

It turned out that this last week I found out I had not only a full-blown sinus infection but a very bad case of pneumonia too.  Bad enough that I would have needed to be hospitalized if it was any worse than it was. They think I've had both for 6-8 weeks.

And no wonder I've been so tired.  And stressed. And brain-fogged.

John has a completely insanely busy week this week so I'm going to try to keep things as simple as I can.

Here are my goals:

* Be prepared for class each day and grade assignments as needed.
* Write review and test for one class.
* Finish writing up assignment for a final term paper.
* Update course web pages.

* I'm taking this week off from work on my dissertation.

* Teach one class - but only if I can't find a sub (I've been trying to find a sub).
* Learn a new stretch.

* Piano Lessons x2
* Dance Lessons x 2
* At home Date with John on Saturday Night
* Pick up the children from school each day this week.

* Daily Chores for both me and the children
* Stick with Our Daily Schedule as much as possible
* Have the children each clean out 5 things from their rooms that either need to be thrown away or donated
* Bonus Item: Work through what I can of Crystal's 4 Weeks to a More Organize Home Simplified (I started this and then didn't keep up because I was too sick - I'm thinking maybe by the time our Christmas company arrives, I might be done!)

*  Mail drawings from the children to our Compassion International Child

* Get to bed 30 minutes early each night this week
* Take my medicine on time each day

What are your goals this week?  Visit Money Saving Mom to share and be inspired!


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