Goals - Week of October 7, 2012

Well, we're all still sick here.  John has bronchitis and he and I both have a sinus infection (joy!) and the kids are feeling okay but we're keeping an eye out for strep throat - someone in their class had that last week.   I'm officially ready to be done being sick this fall!  Thankfully John and I are almost better - we're hoping this is the week we lick all this. We're both on the tail end of antibiotics and actually feel much better than we have in a few weeks.  That's the good news!

I did get some things done last week, but not many because of the sickies.  Here was my list from last week:

* Catch all grading up to current.  Made some progress but not much.
* Write up project assignment for this unit in one class.
* Write test for other class.
* Start outlining next units for both classes.
* Update web pages.

* Cross 4 things off my dissertation to-do list.  I crossed off 1 thing last week.
* Continue cleaning out my desk and bookcase at school.

* Teach 5 classes this week (yes, you did read that right!).
* Put together 2 new sets.

* Learn 3 new routines.  I learned 2 last week and picked out a 3rd one to learn.
* Pay franchise and insurance fees.

* Piano Lessons.
* Dance Lessons 2x.
* Scouts.

* Print photos for Missy's 2011 photo album.
* Date Night with John on Friday (free childcare at church).
* Family Night - Pot Luck at our CSA.  Canceled due to bad weather - we popped popcorn and played a board game instead.
* "Date" at home with Missy while John and Buddy go to Scouts.
* Finish reading The Horse and His Boy by C.S. Lewis out loud to the children.

* Finish mulching flower beds.
* Do one little thing each night to keep our house clutter free.
* Do one little thing each day to keep our bedroom clutter free.
* FPU Class - and homework!
* Pay bills and mail them.

* Catch up the ironing (again - I swear this stuff multiplies on it's own!).

* Write to our Compassion International child.
* Finish memorizing The Sermon on the Mount.
* Read 2nd book for Book Study at church.
* Choir Practice.

* Get my hair cut.  I canceled my appointment because I felt so icky.
* Polish my shoes.
* Get to bed on time 6 nights out of 7 this week.  This was easy because I was sick and wanted to go to bed super early just about every night - one night I actually fell asleep at 8pm! Yikes!

Sooo, now that I'm feeling better (even though I'm still battling this sinus thing), I really don't want to push too much but I do have to get things caught up.  Like my giant pile of grading and being ready for class and having a house that doesn't look like a paper mill exploded inside of it. So, here's my to-do list for this week:

* Grading caught up (REALLY Already!)
* Next units completely outlined for both classes
* Update both web pages

* Cross 4 things off my dissertation list
* Continue cleaning out bookcase and desk

* Teach 4 classes this week.
* Learn 3 new routines
* Put together 3 new sets
* Pay my fees

* Piano x2
* Dance x2
* Finish reading The Horse and His Boy by C.S. Lewis aloud to the children
* At home date night with Hubby - Thursday night this week

* 30 minutes of ironing
* One small thing to tidy up our bedroom each day
* One small thing to tidy up the house each day
* FPU - and homework
* Make Homemade Granola
* Make Sugar Cookies for snacks this week

* Finish reading second book for book study at church
* Decide what to work on memorizing next
* Send pictures and stickers to our Compassion International Child
* Mail sympathy card to a friend who's father just passed away

* Reschedule hair appointment and get my hair cut
* Get to bed on time 5 days this week
* Visit with my cousin Diane this weekend

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