Goals Update - Week of September 2, 2012

Just some of the produce that we got from our CSA earlier this summer - herbs, zucchini, green onions,  beans, beets, kohlrabi. And a very dark picture from my iPod! :)

Another week come and gone. I officially start school - both for work and my PhD program - and John is the only one in our house not in school this week!  We're gearing up for kickoff for Church - both the congregation that we are members of and for the congregation that John works at.  Busy time of year right now!   We had a parade and a promo event for Jazzercise and we had a great turn out for both (Whoo hoo!) and we're so excited about the upcoming fall programming we have!  The first week that classes start is always hectic and we're on a completely different schedule than we have been the last two years, so we're in an a place of adjustment this week yet again.  I'm glad we can add things in layers rather than all in one fell swoop!  I'm also cutting back on some of the goals that I'm having since most of my "free" time is going to be spent on school or work related stuff until this dissertation is done!

But first, how did I do last week?

* Make black boxes for first day of class
* Finalize equipment details for one class
Double check everything for the first day of class.

* Meet with the statistician Postponed until next week due to some things coming up. I'm going to review this on my own though.
* Continue cleaning out my desk and bookshelf - I'm taking 15 minutes each day I'm at my school office to clean out unneeded papers and I move 1-2 books over to my work office each time I go. Makes this easy!

* Promo event
* Teach 1 class, attend 3 others

* Finalize microphone details fore new classes (they have their own system)
* Learn 2 new routines
* Put together 1 new set

* Home with the children Monday and Friday - play games, movie with popcorn at home, and other fun stuff  Our Monday wasn't fun due to some what turned out to be not so major car troubles that took about six times longer than they should have to fix.  But Friday was super fun!
* First day of school on Tuesday! (3 day week this week)
* At home date with John

* Family Night: Continue with Attentiveness and watch "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe."
* Put together sewing lesson for Missy This is mostly done, I need to finalize a couple of things though
* Nightly homework routine with the children (they won't have much homework yet, but we want to get into the routine of it)
* Return/Renew Library books to both the church library and the public library

* Yard work from last week
* Finish tidying up sewing area
* 2 birthday presents finished (sewing)
* Continue blanching veggies
* Wash kitchen cabinets
* Have piano tuned (Friday afternoon)

* Continue Memorizing the Sermon on the Mount
* Update note card memory verse system
* Continue to pray about the parament situation at church

* Get hair cut
* Polish my shoes

* Organize the top of my dresser
* Breakfast with my best friend Postponed. My friend has been fighting very severe allergies and ended up in the hospital for a couple days this week, so we decided to hold off until the rag weed count is a lot lower.

This week's Goals:

* First week paperwork (drop/adds, update class lists, copies, forms, etc.)
* Grading from this week
* Get web pages up and online before first day of class

* Review statistics with a classmate who did much better in statistics than I did (will meet with the statistician later)
* Meet with my advisor
* Continue cleaning out my desk and filing cabinet

* Teach 2 classes, attend 2 classes
* Learn 3 new routines
* Put together 2 new sets
* Update paperwork

* Family Night: Continue with Attentiveness
* Date night out with John (free childcare at church - we're taking a picnic to a park and stopping for coffee afterward with a gift card)
*  Sew patches on Buddy's scout uniform

* Continue blanching vegetables
* Continue weeding back yard flower and vegetable beds
* Install at least one roll of edging for the back flower beds
* 30 minutes of sewing/mending

* Continue memorizing the Sermon on the Mount
* Make a decision about the paraments for church
* Prepare for Rally Sunday
* Email our Compassion Child (I totally keep forgetting to do this - that child will think we've forgotten about her!  I have her photo on my desk at work with my children's photos. You'd think I'd remember!)

* Get to bed on time at least 4 nights this week
* Take 30 minutes to do embroidery one night this week (treat to myself!)

What are you hoping to do this week?  Check out Money Saving Mom!


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