These Are a Few of My Favorite Things - My Husband's Growth into Being a Pastor

My husband is in seminary. 
As in "I want to be a pastor when I grow up" seminary.
When he graduates and is ordained he will become a pastor with the ELCA.

Since he's attending seminary part-time it's a long journey.  And at times it has been an incredibly tough one. One that neither of us in a million years would have chosen for ourselves.

Over these last few years it has been an incredible blessing to watch him grow into actually being a pastor.  This last year in particular has been a time of incredible growth.

He has always been such a good listening ear.
He has always been such a compassionate soul.
He has always been the one to go the extra mile, lend a helping hand and serve others.
He has a true servant heart.

Over the last year he has had many, many (sometimes too many!) opportunities to lead worship and preach a sermon.
Over the last year he has had the opportunity to do "pastoral care"
Over the last year he has had the opportunity to bring communion, share prayers and offer comfort.

It has been a true blessing to watch my husband grow into actually being a pastor.  Someone who loves and serves and gives and leads as Christ would have.  Not just someone who is doing a job or filling a roll. Someone who is being who God would have them be.

He always prays before he writes a sermon and again before he gives it "Okay, God, I'll open my mouth and you talk!"  He prays for God's wisdom and insight before he visits and converses and shares and serves.
And it works every time.

Because God is definitely at work in that man.  Changing him. Stretching him. Leading him.
And having him grow into this new vocation of his.

Watching him and walking with him through this is truly a blessing and it is truly one of my favorite things.
Soli Deo Gloria.


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