Goals Yet Again! Week of August 19, 2012

I think I'm jinxing myself by publishing these - it seems like I type them up and then "poof!" I don't post the next week. Let's see if we can break that cycle, shall we?

Since it's been a whole whopping month (yikes!) since I last posted my weekly goals, I'm going to skip the review.  I can't remember if/what/when I finished those things so on to the now, which I guess is more important anyway!

So my goals for this week:

* Finish up last of the prep for both classes.
* Make copies for the first day of class for both classes.
* Badger our lab coordinator until my equipment is in my hot little hands (this is a really long story!).

* Finish up preliminary data analysis
* Appointment with my advisor
* Begin cleaning out my desk and bookshelf

* Learn 2 new songs
* Put together 1 new set
* Attend class 4x this week
* Teach class 2x this week
* Finalize new classes that I will be teaching (sign contract, visit space, etc.)

* Back to school night on Wednesday night!
* Purchase last 3 things for school supplies for the children (these will be dropped off on Wednesday)
* Purchase new tennis shoes for Buddy
* Take the kids to the park
* Take the kids to the public library
* At home date with John
* Family Night: "Attentiveness"
* Proofread John's final term papers for the summer session

* One last clean out of the kids bedrooms before school starts
* Donate the "stuff" sitting in our garage so I can finally park my car in there again
* Finish weeding the back flower bed - it's half cleaned out and redone right now and looks really silly
* Finish edging the front flower bed
* Call for an appointment to have the piano tuned
* Wash, press and hang all of the school uniforms
* Blanch more veggies for winter (planning on carrots, beans and broccoli right now)

* Continue memorizing the Sermon on the Mount (almost done with this!)
* Write a quick note to our Compassion Child via email (did you know you can do that?)
* Pray about Altar Guild and the paraments at church, decide what to do (another long story)
* Update prayer journal

* Call for a hair appointment, hopefully scheduling it for next week
* Schedule a coffee date with my best friend
* Put together a new schedule for fall now that I have my finalized teaching schedule.

What are your goals for this week?  Visit Money Saving Mom to share!


  1. Wait, you are going to do all this stuff this week? Are you planning on sleeping? Goodness, I am tired just thinking about it!
    I hope you have a great week
    Leah @simplehomeblessing.com

    1. HI Leah,

      Thanks so much for commenting! It does look like a daunting list doesn't it?

      If you take a closer look, some of these things take very little time - calling for a hair appointment, setting up a coffee date with my friend and writing to our Compassion Child are all 5-10 minute projects. Others are projects that I can do "while" - while waiting for dinner to be done I can blanch the veggies (I have a blanching pot) so this also takes about 15 minutes once the water is boiling! Some things - installing the edgers and taking the donations to be donated - are things that my husband will probably do but are on my to-do list "just in case!".

      So, it's really not as bad as it looks!

      Also, I don't watch TV and the work and school things get done at work and school, with minimal distractions, so it's 'easier' to stay on task and get things done!

      Honestly, I'm not trying to kill myself with overwork or something like that!

      Have a great week too,


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