Goals Update - Week of August 26, 2012

It is already the first week of school for my kiddos!  They are SO excited to be going to into second grade!  I don't blame them - there is a dinosaur unit for Buddy, their teacher absolutely loves crafts and skits which are two of Missy's favorite things, and they can read so well now that everything is an exciting learning prospect!  Buddy was also delighted that their teacher has all of the Magic Tree House books - he spent about 10 minutes just looking at them on back-to-school night before we had to go find some pizza before the classroom meetings.

Last week was busy and filled with rain and I had a roaring headache caused by a pinched nerve in my shoulder.  I did a move wrong learning a new routine and pinched it.  It's better now, but wow! I really don't care for sleepless nights anymore - especially when they're caused by burning pain. :P

Anyway, how did I do last week?  Not too bad, actually.

Here's last week's list:

* Finish up last of the prep for both classes.
* Make copies for the first day of class for both classes.
* Badger our lab coordinator until my equipment is in my hot little hands (this is a really long story!).

* Finish up preliminary data analysis This is very close but I need to meet with someone to double-check my statistics.
* Appointment with my advisor
* Begin cleaning out my desk and bookshelf

* Learn 2 new songs
* Put together 1 new set

* Attend class 4x this week Attended class 3x this week instead of 4 due to that pinched nerve
* Teach class 2x this week
* Finalize new classes that I will be teaching (sign contract, visit space, etc.)
  The space we'll be having class in is LOVELY and I'm really excited about this!

* Back to school night on Wednesday night!
* Purchase last 3 things for school supplies for the children (these will be dropped off on Wednesday)

* Purchase new tennis shoes for Buddy
* Take the kids to the park
* Take the kids to the public library
* At home date with John
* Family Night: "Attentiveness"
* Proofread John's final term papers for the summer session

* One last clean out of the kids bedrooms before school starts
* Donate the "stuff" sitting in our garage so I can finally park my car in there again  A friend of John's from school actually took most of this - he really needed it! - and John took the rest to the local thrift shop
* Finish weeding the back flower bed - it's half cleaned out and redone right now and looks really silly
* Finish edging the front flower bed
* Call for an appointment to have the piano tuned
* Wash, press and hang all of the school uniforms
* Blanch more veggies for winter (planning on carrots, beans and broccoli right now) 

We had rain this week on the days we would have worked on the yard, so that didn't get done.

* Continue memorizing the Sermon on the Mount (almost done with this!)
* Write a quick note to our Compassion Child via email (did you know you can do that?) Totally spaced this one!
* Pray about Altar Guild and the paraments at church, decide what to do (another long story) Not sure what to actually do about this or if I need to do anything at this point - I'll talk to the Pastor this week.
* Update prayer journal

* Call for a hair appointment, hopefully scheduling it for next week Scheduled!
* Schedule a coffee date with my best friend
We're actually going out for Breakfast next week - that means we have longer to talk!
* Put together a new schedule for fall now that I have my finalized teaching schedule.

Now for this week:

* Make black boxes for first day of class
* Finalize equipment details for one class
* Double check everything for the first day of class.

* Meet with the statistician
* Continue cleaning out my desk and bookshelf - I'm taking 15 minutes each day I'm at my school office to clean out unneeded papers and I move 1-2 books over to my work office each time I go. Makes this easy!

* Promo event 
* Teach 1 class, attend 3 others
* Finalize microphone details fore new classes (they have their own system)
* Learn 2 new routines
* Put together 1 new set

* Home with the children Monday and Friday - play games, movie with popcorn at home, and other fun stuff
* First day of school on Tuesday! (3 day week this week)
* At home date with John
* Family Night: Continue with Attentiveness and watch "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe."
* Put together sewing lesson for Missy
* Nightly homework routine with the children (they won't have much homework yet, but we want to get into the routine of it)
* Return/Renew Library books to both the church library and the public library

* Yard work from last week
* Finish tidying up sewing area
* 2 birthday presents finished (sewing)
* Continue blanching veggies
* Wash kitchen cabinets
* Have piano tuned (Friday afternoon)

* Continue Memorizing the Sermon on the Mount
* Update note card memory verse system
* Continue to pray about the parament situation at church

* Get hair cut
* Polish my shoes
* Organize the top of my dresser 
* Breakfast with my best friend

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