Goals - Update on last week and this week's goals - Week of May 13th, 2012

My goodness, where does the time go? Last week simply flew by.  When I wrote this list I totally forgot that the kids had their spring concert for school last week too (duh - it was on my calendar!), so I didn't get quite as many things crossed off as I had hoped.  Here's the run down from last week:


* Continue keeping up my grading (I've actually been able to do this and I'm completely excited about it!)  Done!
* Final exam  Done! 
* Final grades  Done!
* Tidy up my paperwork and notes from the semester
* Finish equipment list for fall  Mostly done - need to meet with our lab tech on this one.
* Turn in the equipment list for fall (You know, so that I actually have my equipment in the fall!)

* Meet with my advisor  Done! 
* End-of-year paperwork filled out and submitted  Done!
* Finish proposal
* Submit proposal

* Set for 1st class  Done!
* Set for 2nd class  Done! 
* Learn 1 new routine  Done!

* Tidy sewing area  I looked at my sewing area. Does that count?
* Bake gingerbread cookies Done!
* Go through giant stack of mail in my living room  Done!
* Go through giant stack of old magazines in my living room  Partly done!

* Birthday Dinner on Sunday Night  Done!
* Missy and Buddy's Birthday on Monday - decorate gingerbread cookies (their choice)  Done!
* Dance Photos for Buddy and Missy on Wednesday Night  Done!
* Be ready for the Birthday Party on Saturday  With my Mom helping, this took a whole whopping 30 minutes!
* Birthday Party on Saturday  Success!
* Finish my MIL's Mother's Day gift
* Daily conversation with my parents while they are here  This has been so much fun!
* Totally spaced the Concert on Tuesday night - but we got that done too!

* Continue memorizing the Sermon on the Mount Ongoing.
* Write letter to our Compassion Child
* Pray for my cousin's church - they're in the middle of the call process  Added this to my prayer journal
* See if we can finalize John's summer preaching schedule  (Partly done - we got June finalized, but are still working on July and August)
* Pray for my children and my husband daily (I've fallen off the bandwagon with this and I really need to get back to it!)  Done!  And I added this to my prayer journal - I hadn't before because I thought it was "obvious."

* Wash my face every night  Done!
* Get up with John each morning so I have my alone time before my folks get up  Done!

Whew!  No wonder I hit Mother's Day on Sunday completely wiped out!  I got a 2 hour nap in, some Jazzercise practice time, and a very nice dinner out with my family.  Nice and relaxing - the way Mother's Day should be.

This week's goals are the following:

* Tidy up my paperwork and notes from the semester
* Submit grades to the registrar's office

* Finish equipment list for fall.
* Turn in the equipment list for fall (You know, so that I actually have my equipment in the fall!)

* Proposal
* Turn in Proposal
* Email my dissertation committee

* Set for 1st class
* Set for 2nd class
* Download new routines
* Download new routine notes

* Tidy my sewing area
* The giant pile of magazines in my living room (finish this)
* The two extra boxes out of our bedroom

* Cub Scout Picnic
* Daily conversation with my parents while they are here
* Finish my MIL's Mother's Day gift (we'll see her later this month)
* Mail sympathy card for my Aunt, who lost her brother last week

*Continue memorizing the Sermon on the Mount
* Continue using my prayer journal
* Write to our Compassion Child
* Drop off food at the local food shelf (more on this later!)
* Finalize July and August for John's summer preaching schedule.

* Get up with John every morning
* Get my hair cut
* Evaluate what I need for "teaching clothes" for this coming fall

What are your goals for this week?  Visit Money Saving Mom to share!


  1. Have a successful week. Good job on your goals last week.


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