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Goals - Week of April 22nd, 2012


Has it really been 24 days since I last posted?

I ended up spending 2 weeks sick - as in really sick. Like can't get out of bed for 3 straight days sick - I literally rolled on the floor to get to the bathroom for two of those and had John carry shuffle me there the third.  I was home with my kiddos alone one of those days and, honestly, I have absolutely no idea what they ate for breakfast and lunch.  I have a feeling it was the reason we ran out of snack-bagged popcorn in about a day and half.  Fortunately, they are old enough to get their own snacks and drinks, which meant they probably watched way too much TV that day and ate way too much junk food.  They were perfectly fine though and we made it through without any real problems.

I just didn't realize that it had taken me this much time to catch up.

Thanks for sticking with me!

Here are my goals for this week:


* Solution sets for this unit
* Update the course web page
* Notes for daily classes
* Sample test and…