Frugal Friday - Cleaning Out

When I heard about Crystal's new book, I knew I needed to buy it. Out came the Swagbucks cards and I pre-ordered.  After reading the reviews, I had to really laugh.  Cleaning out? Setting Goals?  Both things I know we need to work on.

We did a lot of cleaning out in 2011.
A lot of cleaning out.

And one of the surprising things that happened along with that was realizing that we really don't need anything much.

We have plenty of clothes.
We have plenty of household items.
We have plenty (or more than plenty!) of toys and games and books.

We didn't ask for much for Christmas this year as a result.

Missy needed some new tights.
Buddy needed a new pair of black pants for school.
John needed some new workout wear.
I asked for a recipe box to better organize my motly collection of recipes.

Really good chocolate, body wash, a new Barbie and a Lego set rounded things out.

Even though I haven't read Crystal's book yet, I will agree with her that cleaning out certainly helped us with the frugality aspect.  I realize how very blessed I am and really have very little desire to buy anything other than food right now. 

I'm hoping to keep that momentum going and put the money toward our mortgage and our emergency fund.

Not shopping - can't get much more frugal than that!  Not spending money is probably as frugal as it gets.

Anyway, that's my 2-cents for the New Year!

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