Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Healthy Habits in 2011 - John's Jumping on the Bandwagon!

One of the really fun things that is happening this summer is that John is taking the summer off from his Seminary classes.  Ideally, so that I can write on my dissertation.  In reality, since he needs a desperate break and needs to get some much-needed balance in his life.

After watching him struggle with full time and 2/3 time school and a schedule that leaves very little time for anything else, even my head aches.  His shoulders get tense, he starts craving junk food, and he feels very listless and lethargic.

One day in the last month we decided that we would work together on this goal of getting healthy.

We've always done pretty well in terms of eating meals. 
Snacking, not so much. 
Working out? I do okay. John's workout is non-existent.

We're both wearing pedometers now.
We're both keeping a food journal now.
And we're both reporting in to each other weekly about our progress now.

How cool is that? 

We've starting taking family walks again - something we stopped doing when he went back to school and the kids got too big to be in the stroller.
We've started walking to the store, the library and the post office.  And carrying anything we've purchased or checked out back home too. 
We've started keeping track of the number of servings of fruits and veggies we eat each day.

It's awesome to watch my hubby's tension melting away and to see him getting back in shape.  He thinks its fun to watch me do the same.

I highly encourage you to get healthy as a couple, rather than doing this on your own.  It's helpful, encouraging and it can be so much fun!
How are you getting healthy this summer?

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