These Are A Few of My Favorite Things - Hot Cocoa and Marshmallows

Well, I think spring is finally starting to spring around here - we had rain today instead of snow and it's been quite warm comparatively around here (in the low to mid 40's F).  I'm hoping!

In the meantime, it still feels COLD!

One thing that I really love during cold weather is hot cocoa.

My cousin made us some homemade hot cocoa mix and homemade mint marshmallows!  YUM!  A dear friend had made me cocoa and mocha mixes for Christmas as well.  YUM again!  I LOVE IT!

I've had to work hard at not having more than one cup with 4 marshmallows per day...yes, it's that good.

Since I'm trying to loose that pesky extra weight I've had hanging around since my babies were born how many years ago now, I've found that this is the perfect afternoon 'snack'.  Perfect for when I'm not hungry, but want something or when I'm not hungry but am having a sweets craving attack.

Add in a quiet house, a warm throw, and a favorite book and I'd say that's got to be my perfect afternoon!

Truly hot chocolate is one of my favorite things!
What more can I ask for?


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