These are a Few of My Favorite Things - Unexpected Days Home

With all the cold and flu bugs running around here, it's no surprise that my daycare lady has called me a couple of times and said  she was sick.  She has school-age kids herself and with the littles she takes care of, it's no wonder the bug bites her sometimes too.  Once she called to tell me her daughter was sick.  With strep throat.  Uff da.  No fun at all!

The kids have been coughing and blowing the last few days but are now well on the way to  fine.  And we have the treat of an unexpected day home on Monday - MLK Day.  They were supposed to go daycare and I was going to finish taking down the last of the Christmas decorations, get some serious writing done and possibly work on a couple of birthday gifts.  Nope - sickness at the daycare lady's house means we stay here.

My first reaction was annoyance. 

I am so far behind!  I need that time for myself!  Yes, I would like some whine with that cheese, thank you!

And then I realized something.

Time with my children is precious and fleeting.  They are already 5 1/2 and that time has just flown by.  In September, they couldn't write a full word or read anything but their names.  Now, they can read a book and write thank you notes.   It's amazing.

And this time in my children's lives is so amazing - everything is wonderful and exciting and I get to be a part of that!

So, Monday we will stay home.

And bake bread and cookies.
And read books.
And color pictures.
And play games, like Sorry! and Uno and Connect4.
And tell stories.
And make a craft.
And sing songs and make up silly dances.
And they will take a nice long nap, during which I will work on my writing and maybe work on another project.

And I will enjoy every minute of it.

Truly, getting to spend an unexpected day home with my children is one of my favorite thing!


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