Saturday, January 1, 2011

Super Savings Saturday - My Personal Pantry Challenge for January

This week I did actually go grocery shopping - however, my folks paid for the groceries as a way of saying 'thank you' for our hospitality over the last couple of weeks.  So I spent $0 out of pocket for groceries this week!  And we bought a number of things that we were running low on, including several things for the kids' lunch boxes, like juice boxes and applesauce.

So my pantry is very well stocked, indeed.

So well stocked in fact, that I'm challenging myself to the same challenge I had last January: $50 for groceries for the whole month of January!

Typically my budget is $40 per week, or $160 per month.  This will give us $110 to put toward something else - in this case one of our savings goals for 2011 (which I'll write about on Monday). 

I will buy mostly milk and fruit during this time so that is what my Super Savings Saturday posts will consist mostly of, along with any killer deals of course, during the month of January. 

I haven't done a very good job of watching my grocery budget this fall and I hope to go back to watching it carefully this spring so that John and I can reach our goal of paying off our mortgage by the time he's done with seminary - in approximately 3 years! - and meet some of our other goals along the way.  We had toyed wtih the idea of bumping the grocery budget up to $50 per week, but have decided to leave it at $40 for the time being. 

For more Super Savings Saturday, check out Money Saving Mom.

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