Life Happens Sometimes

This last week has been a busy and rough week in so many ways - hence the lack of posts.

Yes, bad blogger me. :P

We came off a week with two kids and John sick and headed into a week with me sick, John sick and then Buddy got really dehydrated (for some reason he stopped drinking anything for 2 days!).  Not fun but it looks like we're pretty much out of the woods though John and I still sound pretty bad (we feel fine actually).

Then our van died and had to go in to the 'car doctor' which meant we lost 2 hours over two days driving back and forth to the dealership (30 minutes one day) and spent 2 days juggling one car - not always easy when you head in two different directions each day!

With our young friend dying on Sunday, we had a funeral this week (we ended up not going due to the van thing, so we scrambled to send flowers instead).  And all the emotions that go through losing a friend and supporting her family, who have been through way too much in the last couple of years and now have to grieve another loss. 

We have two church things this weekend - at two different churches.  And we had things to do to get ready for both of them.

I had a spur-of-the-moment movement screening for becoming a Jazzercise instructor - I figured if I could pass the screening with a monstrous head cold, 4 hours of sleep, and a desperate need for new shoes that left my feet screaming, I definitely can do this!  And that made me 5 minutes late picking my kids up from school, which got me a lecture from their teacher. Sigh.

Add into that almost forgotten but absolutely necessary paperwork due yesterday, my daughter's security blanket ("Pink Blankie") coming apart, my last pair of black shoes (by beloved boots) splitting a seam and breaking a zipper, and our favorite rocking chair popping a spring.

I feel like I've lived 3 lives in the last week.

This week has had a number of blessings too:

* The ability to still get where we needed to go, in spite of the van being in the shop.  I am so grateful to own two vehicles!
* The money in the budget to pay for the van repairs!
* Remembering the paperwork before it needed to be turned in - we really would have been in a pickle if we hadn't done that!
* Knowing how to knit (admittedly badly) so that I could put my daughter's blanket back together.
* Having plenty of shoes to wear in spite of not having black ones at the moment.
* Classes not starting until next week so that we could juggle our one-car schedule without anyone having to scramble or miss work.
* Having a better way to organize my data means I've gotten through SO much this week - in spite of having brain fog from being sick.
* Extra time to sleep and get better this week.
* Getting really good report cards for the kids at school this week.
* Realizing that John got paid yesterday and that means we start a new cycle for our budget again!  I was wondering how I was ever going to buy milk with $1 left in my grocery budget after an emergency run to the store for feminine products and Kleenex. (YES, I know some of you may think that's cheating since we have 3 days left in January.  I bought 4 weeks of groceries so that counts as a month to me!)
* Being ready for the start of classes - everything I need for the first week is ready to go!  How is that for being on my toes?
* The reminder that time with our loved ones here on earth is short and fleeting and we need to treasure every minute of it.
* Lots of card games with the kids.
* The kids knowing we were sick and trying to be extra helpful - making their beds, setting the table, and a whole host of other things without being prompted or asked. 
* The kids telling me I could use part of their Disney World trip savings to buy new shoes (I won't but the thought is so very generous!).

I could keep going, but I won't. 

This week has been long and at times very difficult. I am so grateful for all the little blessings God has sprinkled into it.  It could have been so much worse and so much more difficult.

What more can I ask for?


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