Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Goal Update - Week of January 9th 2011

Nothing like being a day late in posting this.  Missy has had a terrific cold the last few days and today was the first day "back to normal".  Never mind that I have school and teaching starting, my daycare lady was sick, John has his intensives and it just seems like stuff happens all at once around here.  Whew!  I'm going to be soooo glad when this dissertation thing is done and I have fewer commitments all the way around!

So, what DID I get done last week?  It really didn't seem like much since I had so much I wanted to get done that didn't.  But here goes the list of things that got done:

* 2 transcripts analyzed
* Paper finished (love that!)
* A run to IKEA to get a few specific things and price a few others
* Read The Autobiography of George Muller by George Muller (awesome read!)
* Read another book for school
* Cleaned out and off my desk at school
* Finished an annotated bibliography for one portion of my research
* Reviewed my text book for my class I'm teaching this semester (different from last semester)
* Fielded a TON of email that I really didn't want to deal with
* Found material and ribbon to make myself an Easter dress
 * Cleaned out a giant stack of old magazines (why do I keep junk like that?!)
* Attended a pot luck for a church event and had a great time (and helped tie 5 quilts to boot!)
* Jazzercised 2x and did a DVD one day
* Managed to get our budget wrangled into something up-to-date and accurate (don't even ask me how long that took!)

What didn't get done that I hoped to get done:
* Hanging those darn new curtain rods in our bedroom
* Ironing the curtains before hanging them on the new curtain rods
* More cleaning out
* Installing that last closet system we have to install
* More reading for school
* More transcript analysis
* 3 more times of exercising last week
* And a few other things that I'm currently forgetting

I'm starting to feel like I'm never going to get caught up to current again. 

And the part that I find the most frustrating is that don't feel that I'm diligent enough in any of my work - and that doesn't fit with my belief system.  It's a very difficult place to be right now and it's making my days very difficult to get through.  Would you pray for me please?  I'd appreciate it.

How was your week for meeting goals?  Care to share?  I'd love to hear!

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