Goals Update - What I Did Today - December 28th

I'm working on knocking off some of these 2010 goals before the end of the year - a whole 3 days away!  That means I have to kick it into high gear during those next three days.   With the kids at daycare (I had to pay for it whether we used it or not) and my folks here, I have a kid-free house and extra hands.  I love being able to really knock some things off the to-do list and getting to spend some time with my folks to boot!

So what did I do today?

I installed another closet system.  This time in the kids' closet.  Again with the help of my Dad (thanks Dad!).

BOY, what a difference did that make!  I was able to clean out an entire 2-shelf bookshelf in there and it went into the closet and out of the room completely.  I also cleaned out another three-shelf bookcase and took it out of that room too!  Extra space, a closet rod that the kids can actually reach, and less junk to dig through daily!  Love that!

I also worked out for a hour, comforted my neighbor who has lost 3 family members in the last 2 weeks (one on Christmas day), did 3 loads of laundry, ran an errand, and washed the sticky residue from the pictures that the kids had hung with tape off the walls in their room.  Lefse and krumkaka have been made as well.

On the agenda for tonight are going through the remainder of the stuff junk from our bedroom and maybe making a run to Target to get the get the Roman Shades that we want to install in our bedroom.  Hmmm - maybe I'll do that run first and then dig through some of the junk. 

But first, off to dinner - Dad made his Seafood Chowder and it's yummy!  I'm going to enjoy that and my lefse!

Are you doing anything special to knock off some of those 2010 goals before the new year?  Care to share?


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