These are a Few of My Favorite Things - John's Love of Our Children

I've been down and out with a stomach bug the last two days.  It's been icky and I've spent more time just laying on the couch and in the bathroom than I have ever wanted too.  The good news is that John has been home, the kids have been good and I've been able to get some reading and computer work done.

The best part? (And, yes, there is a best part to this!) Yesterday afternoon, as I snoozed on the couch upstairs in the living room John and the kids were playing in the family room downstairs.

We got several board games for the kids' birthday in May and one of them is Giraffe-a-laff Limbo.  Hysterical!  Especially when mom and dad play.

John and the kids were playing their own version yesterday afternoon.  John was having them crab-walk, slither like a snake and dance their way under the bar in addition to the good ol' limbo! 

And on my the giggles!
Those contagious giggles floating up the stairs and into my heart!  Buddy's contagious laugh and Missy's exuberant giggle.  John's hearty chuckles thrown in to boot.

It made me giggle in spite of my sore tummy.  And left me with a smile on my face the whole afternoon.

You see, John grew up with a dad whose idea of playing with the kids was being the adult in the house to handle major emergencies.  Interaction meant watching TV together.  He never read them a book, or played a game or tossed a ball.  He has read to the grand kids - ours and our niece and nephews - which is a huge improvement, but never to his own kids.  He rarely speaks to anyone and spends most of his time either at his coaching job, watching TV or having dinner at his favorite restaurant with his older boys. 

John love kids.  He always has. 

One of my first 'dating' memories of him was him walking down the hallway at our church with his little sister, then age 1, on his arm.  I remember thinking "I'm going to marry that man!" (if 19 can be considered a man!). 

And he especially loves our kids. 
And he spends tons of time with them.

He always has.

He's the one our children want when they're sick. 
He's the one they want to rough-house with. 
He's the one who sings silly songs and comes up with silly games and has the kids crab-walk under the limbo stick.

I love it.

And he loves it too.

Truly, it's one of my favorite things.

What more can I ask for?


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