Sunday, September 26, 2010

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things - My Children's Friends

I have to say we are very, very blessed.

I have two healthy, active and intelligent (in my humble opinion!) children.  These children have the ability to make friends easily and play well with others in almost every setting they've been in.  And now we are entering the age with constant play-dates.

My husband and I have great neighbors - both with children.  And those children are friends of our children.

My children have been blessed with good classmates at preschool. And good peers at daycare.  And even more good classmates at kindergarten. 

We have had 3 birthday parties in  a month here.  And we have had more play dates than you can shake a stick at as well.  Having neighbors with children means knocks on the door asking for someone (or someones) to play.  And we have had little feet tramping in and out of our house every evening for the last 2 weeks and all afternoon yesterday and today. 

I love it.

I love that my children have friends close by.  That helps to make up for our family living states away.

I love that my children's friends feel welcome enough in our home to want to come and play - often.

I love that my children have had some friends since they were babies and want to keep those friendships alive even though they are getting older.

I love even more that my children are learning to share and play well and be friends to others.

The best part?  That the children they spend time with have parents who have similar values to ours, whose homes I don't have to worry about, and who I trust with my children.

Yesterday, they played with the neighbor across the street.  Our street is a 30 MPH street, and many times people go faster than that.  They are definitely not allowed to cross the street without holding the hand of an adult.  When it was time to come home, their friend's 17-year-old brother walked them home - holding two little hands in his big teen-age ones.  His Mom was busy and he didn't want to bother her, so he brought them home himself.  This is the same kid who brought over Halloween candy for the kids 4 years ago because we were at a funeral and they missed trick-or-treating.  And mowed our other neighbor's yard without being asked because he knew she was taking care of her very ill husband and didn't have time (he refused to let her pay him too).  And who now walks his little sister's friends home so his mom won't have to.  If his little sister turns out half as good as her big brother, my children will be blessed to call her their friend.

Yes, my children's friends are one of my favorite things.

And I feel truly blessed.

Soli Deo Gloria.

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