Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Healthy Habits in 2010 - Just Get Moving!

Since my new job started at the beginning of the month, I've been on my feet 8 1/2 more hours per week than I had been before.

Now that's teaching, not running, biking, jogging, swimming, or anything else 'active'.  Just being on my feet, ambling around my classroom, occasionally playing with toys and waving my arms in large gestures and that kind of thing, but mostly just standing or walking.  Nothing fancy.

I read a study recently that said if you have a sedentary job (anything at a desk for 5+ hours per day) you still need to watch your health because that constant sitting is what takes the toll. The study showed that people who had desk jobs were less healthy overall, even if they spent an hour a day working out.  There were still a ton of questions that needed to be answered that weren't, but it is intriguing.

My Mom and I were talking about how she felt her rear got bigger, even though her weight didn't change, when she had a desk job.  I get that thought. 

I feel like even though my weight has pretty much stayed the same (give or take 2lbs either way depending on the day) since I had my kids, my rear and thighs have definitely gotten bigger.  When my kids were 1 year old, I went back to school. And have spent the bulk of my time sitting.

Since I started teaching this fall, I have lost an inch off my waist.  And my pants fit looser though the thighs, though I haven't measured them exactly. 

It's hard to eat when you're teaching a class - and my class falls right over my 'snack time'.  I've also tried to incorporate relatively healthy snacks into my afternoon so I don't fall over in class from low blood sugar or fatigue or something like that.  I'm sure that eliminating that snacking time and watching what I eat is helping too.

I do know that being on your feet requires more calories than sitting.  That means I'm burning more calories than I was sitting at my desk before.  And that helps my overall health.

It's nice to know those little things really do make a difference - and I don't have to bust it to make a difference.  Every little bit of moving really does make a difference - even if it is just being on your feet for more of your day than before.

Try it!  You might find it makes a difference for you too....

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