Goals Update - Big Plans!

Oh, my, oh my, do I have big plans for this fall!  Big plans!

And they all start this week.

I 'officially' start my new job on Wednesday - though I've been working on things for over a month now.  I have my keys, I have my desk, I have my ID (with both my first and last name misspelled!), I have my parking permit and my copy code. Even more important, I have my first two weeks' worth of lesson plans done and an outline done for the rest of the semester.  My goal for tomorrow is to get my labs and my homework assignments for the first unit all set so I can just roll in and keep going.  Being ahead is important - especially when I have other "jobs" on my plate.

I have my new committee member and my next deadline is fast coming up.  This week I need to get more paperwork in this week and schedule my next "exam."  If I don't have that in place by the 17th, I need to come up with a plan B - something I really don't want to do because that pushes me back yet another semester.

The kids have a 4-day week this week and we have their first homework assignment to get done this week too.  A collage each on a particular letter.  We're having fun on this so far.  The kids are really enjoying kindergarten, which I am just plain excited about.

I have the two quilt tops I signed out for Lutheran World Relief sewn too.  Yee haw!  Especially with a broken toe and having totally forgotten about them (oops!) until I cleaned off my sewing table a month ago (right before I broke my toe).

I still have all those things on my side bar that I want to finish this fall too. And I'm working on a plan for that - a plan where I have some time to get things done.  There are two garage sales at churches John has been working at coming up in the next 3 weeks, so I have some extra incentive to do at least some of that in the next week also.  We'll see if I have time and my tummy cooperates. 

I'll get back to all of those things soon enough...God willing, of course.

It's been a productive week and weekend, in spite of the stomach bug I've had the last few days.
God is good.


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