Healthy Habits in 2010 - More Important Things to Realize

I wrote yesterday about how this broken toe has turned out to be a huge blessing in many ways - other than the fact that my toe is, well, broken.

First: I learned that I was really making excuses for what I wasn't getting done when in fact I just plain wasn't doing things.  I was being lazy.

Second: Guess what?  That goes for my weight loss and getting fit and healthy plans too. 

Oh, I made some strides this year alright.  I got both the early spring and summer promos at Jazzercise (and won a cute tote bag and a really cute pair of flip flops to boot!) - totally 45 classes in 3 months which means I was going to class somewhere between 3 and 4 classes a week those three months.  Whoo hoo!  And I realized that I was eating in part to fill in the gaps in spiritual and emotional intimacy in my relationship with John. That was a huge deal too.

I realized this weekend that a lot of the excuses I had in my head for not doing more in terms of exercise and watching what I eat were exactly that - excuses.  

I can't do Jazzercise for 4-6 weeks with my injured toe and I panicked.  I could see myself getting hideously fat (really Lea, in 6 weeks?) and then not being able to walk at all (yes, in my mind that was how fat I would get).   I saw all the 'hard work' I had put in over the last 7 1/2 months going down the drain.  Though my doctor did say I could do the arm and ab work and anything with my legs where I was laying on my back on the floor.  That's at least half the workout there (I get to try that out tomorrow AM by the way).

So I started looking for alternative options. 

I possibly have an option for swimming three times a week, though I'm not excited about it since I really dislike swimming (that's another story!) and never learned to swim properly because of that.  Hopefully I can write about that soon. 

I dug through some old magazine clippings and found several weight training type exercises for my arms and legs that I can do without putting weight on my foot.  I did those this morning.  4 sets of arm exercises, 2 legs and 2 abdominal exercises took me a whole whopping total of 30 minutes - done in 3 different sets of 6 to 14 minutes at a time.  Um duh.  There goes that excuse of 'not having the time to do it.'

I'm also hoping in 2 weeks, when I can put more weight on my foot, to start walking regularly.  I had been doing some already, but I quit wearing my new pedometer quite a while ago, and I really do need to get back to that again.  No, I won't be running any races or winning any speed awards, but I'll at least be moving. 

The biggest thing I realized is that I eat out of habit or boredom. 

I think this is what most people do each day.  I remember my Mom once commenting on my Aunt badgering my Grandmother until dinner was served right at 6pm - even though we'd just eaten a huge meal at 3pm.  Were any of us hungry? No.  Was my Aunt so used to having something to eat at 6pm that she 'needed' it.  Yep.  At the time I didn't pay much attention to the comment.  Now it holds a big clue to the mystery of why my Aunt is obese.

In the last 4 days I noticed I did that 18 times.  At least those were the times I noticed; I'm sure there were more than that.  One of my triggers is reading - curling up with a good book and something crunchy to eat.  Am I hungry? No.  Habit? Yes.  I also noticed that if I don't quite know what to do next, I'll eat something.

I also noticed that if I'm hungry, I'll make far more than I need.  Today, for example, I made the kids a bowl of popcorn for a snack while they played in our newly rearranged family room and I worked on some schoolwork.  I was hungry too and almost popped another whole bowl of popcorn just for me!  Yes, it was the low-fat variety, but I truly didn't need that much!  Especially since we were eating dinner in 2 hours!  I fed myself one Wasa cracker with a slice of really good cheddar cheese on top and made myself a cup of tea.  I was fine and my hunger more than satisfied. 

Big things? Maybe.
More like little things that make a big difference!

What have you realized on your journey to a healthier you?  Care to share?


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