Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Goals Update - Graduation Derailed

Wednesday this past week I found out that no matter what I WILL NOT be able to graduate in 2010.

You see, I have been working on this dang written exam for A YEAR now. I have on committee member who will not sign off on the thing (no one else on my committee and a couple of other random faculty can figure out why) and he did not understand that in order for me to take Dissertation credits this summer (which I need in order to graduate in December!) I needed to have the exam approved and my preliminary oral exam completely completed by June 25th. So, he's out of the country until the 30th and basically told me 'isn't going to happen.'

He knows I have this job and the requirements that go along with it.
He knows I need 24 Dissertation credits to graduate.
He knows that no one else can figure out why he's 'concerned.'

Basically it appears that he really doesn't give a hoot.

I'm furious.

Why? Because I've been sitting on everything else for about 10 months - my IRB forms and thesis proposal, my first 3 chapters, the analyzed data from a previous study that I've been using as the basis for my own study.

My advisor told me to go ahead and file the IRB and start taking my data as soon as it's approved.

And that we would do both the preliminary oral and the thesis proposal, which are typically 2 separate events, in one session so that I can move forward.

My advisor also said that if this cranky person doesn't sign off now, we're going to drop my minor and get someone else.

Small comfort? Some.

I'm still furious.

Especially since I don't want to drop the minor and have no idea who else to ask to be on my committee.

Especially since I've spent the last 2 months scrambling so that I'd be completely ready to meet this June 25th deadline.

Especially since I had worked out how to have another faculty member do this exam over Skype from a 3rd-World country on the other side of the globe.

That's life.

And I guess the good part is that I don't have to scramble anymore.

I guess I'll hold on to that.

I'll write more about the other goals I have for this graduation thing next week. I have to have a couple of questions answered before I can solidify my new plan (which I think has moved past Plan A, Plan B, etc. to about Plan Q at the moment!).

I'll be back tomorrow the Healthy Habits in 2010! Have a good afternoon!

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