Goals Update: 31 Projects in 31 Days

Rachel over at Keep it Simple is hosting 31 Projects in 31 Days! I'm game! Are you?

So far, my projects look very different from Rachel's - only one crafty thing in the bunch! - but I have a lot of 'projects' on my plate, so I'm hoping to knock off 31 one of them this month! Some of them have been works in progress for a long time so crossing them off the to-do list will be very freeing!

So, here's the projects from last week:

Project #1: Mother's Day gifts for my MIL, 3 SILs, and 1 cousin. I made homemade potpourri and made sachets - three in netting and 2 in little mesh boxes I'd bought on clearance a couple years ago. My SILs got candles - 2 each and their gifts were put in those cute little buckets I picked up off Target's $1 section on 50% off clearance about 3 years ago. My cousin got the roll of ribbon for her card making and her sachet was was put in a gift bag with the ribbon. My MIL got three $1 sample packs of flavored coffee and they were put in a basket that was in my clean out pile. I had already purchased something for my mom.

Project #2: Weed front flower beds.

Project #3: Clean out living room file drawer (don't ask me what I was thinking when I had paid bill stubs from 2006 in there! **Blush**).

Project #4: Organize everything for my kids' birthday party on Saturday! We had 10 pre-schoolers, 2 school age kids, 1 baby, and 22 adults in our little house! I think we overwhelmed on grandma (not one of ours), but everyone else reportedly had a GREAT time. We did. The kids did. And we can take the leftover food to a potluck at church tonight! :)

Here's the cupcakes from the party - yes, I cheated and ordered them from Sam's Club. These last two weeks at school have been super busy and with cleaning the house and getting ready for the party and out of state company, I decided not to push it and order them.
Project #5: Finish 1 paper for school.
Project #6: Fill out drafts of 2 sets of paperwork that will get turned in this week.
Well, those are the first 6! Are you joining in? Hope so...


  1. YAY Lea! Good job getting things done off of your list! And by the way, I don't think it is cheating to order cupcakes! :)


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