Work Home and Family - Two Neat Ways to Combat Toy Overload

I was talking to a Kindergarten teacher yesterday and she told me a really neat thing!

One of the little girls in her class had a birthday recently and instead of having a party at home, brought presents to school for the class to open. The presents were for the kindergarten room and teacher! There were Lego's (pink and purple ones of course!), books, more furniture for the doll house, a CD player and art supplies.

The parents thought their child would get enough presents from friends so they asked family to buy things for the classroom and they bought for the classroom also. Their child had fun opening gifts and bringing cupcakes. And the classroom got some things that were 'missing', that had been used up or broken or are just nice to have!

I also talked recently to a friend who celebrates 'half birthdays' (i.e. birth date + six months) and instead of having a party where people bring gifts, she has the kids clean out their toys, picking some to donate and throwing away the broken things. They then have a party asking the children's friends to bring toys (new or used) to donate. They serve half a cake and play all kinds of games regarding 'half' of things. The idea is that the kids get more than they need and need to learn how to clean out on their own (don't we all wish we'd learned this at a young age?!) and helps encourage giving.

I love both of these ideas! My children have their "half birthday" in November, so it would be a perfect time to clean out for Thanksgiving and Christmas donation drives! And I love the idea of using their birthday to bless someone else! What neat ways to give!

Got any other ideas to share? Leave a comment! I'd love to hear them!


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