Goal's Update - I Got the Job!

Remember last week, when I mentioned that I had been in for a job interview?



This fall I'll officially be university faculty!

Now I just have to graduate! :)

Seriously, I'm still coming down off the high from the interview, the following conversations and getting the confirmation. Not to mention the little fact that it's my dream job - exactly what I'm looking for, as in if I could write the job description this would be it! Just the right combination of teaching, research and course development. I'm ecstatic!

Now, I just have to finish everything for my dissertation. I have until May 2011 to actually complete the darn thing, but I really want to get it done in December so that I can concentrate on my teaching and everything else spring semester.

I also found out that most of my committee is going to be gone this summer so I have to get everything except the actual dissertation done by May 21. UGH. And I have 2 birthdays, mother's day, an anniversary, three or four rounds of out-of-town company, my vegetable garden to plant, my children's first dance recital and a family college graduation in there between now and then too. Fortunately, I have most of my ducks lined up to get things done by then (hopefully the rest of them will fall into place soon as well!).

I'm starting to realize that my life is a bit like a roller coaster - either nothing happens or everything happens at once. There's no nice medium time in there at all.

So, I think I've got my schedule sufficiently set so I can post here at least 3-4 times a week and still get everything else I need to work on done. No guarantees though.

And hopefully, you'll start to see things progressing on my side bar as well. I'm ready for some completion!

Nothing like having your dream job waiting for you for a little motivation!
How are you doing on your goals? Care to share?


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