Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Healthy Habits 2010 - Feeling the Difference

This last week was the 3rd week that I'd made it to 3 workouts a week! Whoo hoo!

Never mind that they weren't consecutive weeks. At least I had 3 weeks! this year! :)

What's different this week?

I'm feeling the difference that cutting back on snack food and upping that workout time has made. I don't think I've lost any inches or weight since last week (and yes, I'm too chicken to find out!), but I feel better.

I have more energy. My muscles are sorer than they have been for a while. I was able to use my 5lb hand weights longer during class than I have for quite a while.

I like all of that! Now - I just need to get the pounds and inches budging....

BUT, in the meantime, I'll take what I can get. More energy is good - I can definitely live with that!

How are you doing with your healthy habits? Care to share?

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