Goals Update - Week of February 15th

It seems to be hard for me to post on Mondays, so I definitely need to tweak the schedule a little to make sure I get that in! That's what this last week and this week is about - making those little scheduling tweaks that make the schedule "golden".

So how did last week go? Did I get everything accomplished that I wanted to?

Um, of course not. :)
Even with the shortened list and the schedule.

What did I get done?
* 1 1/2 papers written for school
* 1/2 book read for school
* Some filing done
* Two letters written
* My Valentine's decorations up
* Seminar attended
* My daily household chores and the kids chores done
* To bed and up on time
* 1/2 of the library book read

What didn't I get done?
* 1/2 the 2nd paper for school written
* The rest of that first book and half of another read for school
* One interview transcribed
*The rest of the filing
*That baby quilt! (UGH)
*A date with John (our sitter got sick and then he got called in)
* All the pictures developed (didn't even touch this one!)

So what's on my list for this week?
* Finishing that second paper
* The reading for school
* Transcribing that interview
* The rest of that filing (I worked on it for quite a while yesterday and only have a little bit more to go - whoo hoo!)
* Developing those pictures
* That baby quilt
* Another baby quilt
* The date with John
* Finishing that library book and starting another
*Filing our income taxes (we have someone do this for us - so we have an appointment this week)
* A date with Buddy (Missy and John have the Daddy-Daughter dance so we get a 'date' too!)
* A school open house
* Ash Wednesday services with choir x 2
* Daily chores for me and the kids
* Getting to bed and up on time

I am getting more done than I was in the past without running around like a chicken with it's head cut off but I'm finding that I have drastically under-budgeted the time it takes to get the amount of schoolwork done that I would like to. Since I'm not sure I can squeak out any more school/study time during the week (unless I forgo something like time with family, which I'm not going to do), I have to lower my expectations for myself and strive to reduce the interruptions that I get working in a communal office space.

I actually have to get the 2 baby quilts done, the filing done and the pictures developed by February 26th, so I really do need to get rolling on those things. We'll see how this week goes with all the extra evening events we have this week.

How did you do this week? Care to share?


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