Super Savings Saturday - Restocking the Meat!

We're up to $20 for groceries this week! Whoo hoo! I'm continuing the pantry challenge into February, though I've upped my monthly allotment from $50 to $80 for the month so we'd have some money to restock. Since we were over our 'regular' budget this pay period (thank you overtime and the co-worker who went on vacation so John had that overtime!), we decided to take an extra $20 on top of that from our 'miscellaneous' fund and do the 4/$19.99 meat deal at Cub this week.
All you see in the photo was roughly $36 total, plus I bought 2 gallons milk and a few oranges, a bunch of bananas, 5lb flour, 2 lb white sugar and 48 oz vegetable oil. Other than the $20 for part of the meat, we were at about $28 for this week's groceries (I haven't totaled it up yet but that's roughly what I spent) so that leaves us with about $50 for the rest of the month. Since I put my menus for February together from what we had in our cupboards, I just need to buy fruit and milk, an 8oz tub of sour cream and any screaming deals the rest of February.
Anyway, to make a long story short - here's the price breakdown for the stuff in the photo:

Cub Foods:
4 for $19.99 meat:
* Lemon Marinade Pork Loin (Regular $10.99)
* Non-Marinaded Pork Loin (Regular $10.99)
* 56 oz Chicken Leg (Regular $12.99)
* 1 lb frozen Walleye Fillets
Additional purchases:
* 20 oz Chicken Breasts 2.99 x 3 - (3x0.75) = 6.72
* Skippy Peanut Butter 10oz 2/$2 x 2 = $2 (Store Coupon)
* Quaker Oatmeal $1.99
* Breyer's Ice Cream 2/$4 x 2 = $4
Cub Foods Total: $34.70
Rainbow Foods:
Kraft Macaroni and Cheese $0.48x2 = $0.96
Total: $35.66
For more shopping inspiration see Money Saving Mom!


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