Goals Update - January 25th.

This week was a slow one for accomplishing anything. I had the flu Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and was home with the kids on Friday, so schoolwork was pretty much non-existent. I didn't get much done with the clean-out, craft/sewing side of stuff either. :P

I guess that's what happens when we set goals right?

We get on the wagon, ride for a while, fall off, chase after that wagon, climb back on and hopefully keep going.

John and I had a long talk last night about my frustration with myself and the mountain of things I'm trying to scale - many of which had been shoved to the side during the last two years of my battling my illnesses. That means I'm trying to do what needs to be done now and play catch-up with all these other things that I've been wanting and needing to do for the last two years. I don't think he realized how much I had in my head and on my to-do list and how many things I had to get out of the way just to get to the current stuff. I told him I feel like I'm just failing miserably since I don't feel like I'm making much progress on anything and my brain tends to jump from thing to thing rather than letting me concentrate on what I'm working on at the moment.

In the end? I'm trying something slightly new. A reduced to-do list for each week, rather than my usual over-ly ambitious mountain. John's going to try to keep me on track with everything at home and I get to police myself with the school stuff. :) We have a pretty quiet week this week, though my daycare lady has the flu today so I'm not sure how that's going to work out this week, if she's off all week long. I guess we'll find out! For today, I'm going to spend the morning with my munchkins and then spend naptime tackling some schoolwork.

For school this week my goals are:
Finish my essay for my written exam (due this Friday), finish reading and taking notes on a research methods book I borrowed from my advisor, and get all of the references I have stacking up on my computer into my bibliography.

For home:
Daily chores, Kid's Daily chores, finish cleaning out the living room (almost done!).

One baby quilt and filing the magazine pages I've torn out and just stacked rather than filing (the system is already set up I just have to put the stuff in there!). I need to get the magazine pages put away so I can actually get to and have space to work on my scrapbook stuff for the retreat coming up the end of February.

Finish a book that needs to go back to the library and Jazzercise at least 3x this week (I'd like 4 but I'll settle for 3!).

That's the plan anyway. I have it written down and posted on our 'message central' area in our house so John can see the progress I'm making too.

What are your goals for this week and how are you doing?


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