A Busy New Year!

Happy 2010!

Can you believe it's the new year already? I don't think I was ready for this...

It has been a good and busy new year so far.

Rang in Friday with homemade cinnamon rolls and fruit and the Rose Parade on TV.

Afternoon was a nap for John and the kids and an hour and a half Jazzercise class for me (my abs are still sore!). I also spent an hour cleaning out the 'catch all' corner in our bedroom. It looks great - like I told John "Look at my cedar chest! Doesn't it look good? No, no don't look at the rest of the room. Just look at the cedar chest!" :) Friday night they had free babysitting at church and John and I had a really nice dinner out (ran into two different sets of friends there too!).

Saturday began with with Bible Study for me and for John (he can take the kids with him to his!). Then home and a trip to the indoor park in the next suburb over for 2 1/2 hours of play. John and I worked on our family goals for the year while the kids played ( we're leaving finances for later this week). Then last night we got to talk to John's mom until the battery on her phone ran out. :)

Today was worship and waffles with fruit for brunch, a movie for the kids while John was at church helping with counting the offering and I decorated the house for his birthday today. John came home and opened presents and is now taking a nap with the kids while I do this and then get the last of the Christmas cards out (we ran out and had to order more). We're having crab legs, roasted butternut squash and fruit for dinner tonight - John's request (and the grocery store had snow crab on sale for $5.99/lb so I bought 2 lbs as part of his birthday gift!) since it's his birthday today. No, I won't tell you how old he is. Let's just say he's more than halfway to 70! :)

We've had a fun time playing games, reading, and watching movies with the kids as well. It's bitterly cold out and we always end up watching more TV than I would like when it's this cold out. I keep telling myself that -11F is not the right temperature to be outside for anyone and justify it that way! :)

I've also gotten my card supplies sorted and 6 cards made as well as a few chapters read in a book, coupons clipped and sorted, sale lists made for my grocery stores, and a few other random odds and ends completed over these last three days. It's exciting to be seeing so much progress being made. I'm hoping I can keep it up.

I'm off' this week - we don't have class and I'm only working with one seminar this semester so I technically don't have to be 'in' until class starts. So I'm taking advantage of it! My plan is 2 hours per day on each of the following: school stuff (reading, proposal writing, and a few other odds and ends), doing a thorough clean out on my certain areas of my house (our bedroom, the living room, and my sewing/craft area) and then sewing and crafting (finishing up the projects that are half done, as well as curtains, pillows and a chair cushion that I have the stuff to make). That leaves me about an hour or so for other housework and anything else I want to do - like nap. :)

Hope your new year is off to a good start too!
Blessings to you in 2010!


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