November Blessings

I realized I hadn't written about our November blessings yet! Here we are 10 days from Christmas - I've been slacking! :)

So what were the blessings in November? I need to wrack my brain, but here's what I remember:

  • Return of 2 overpaid funds. One was from dance class and one was a doctor bill, but it's always a nice surprise when they return the funds. Not to mention that the one from dance class was for a costume that hadn't been finalized yet. We will probably have to pay for a costume, but they wanted to refund the money until they knew how much it would actually cost - which is likely a lot less than what we had been initially charged.
  • A black cardigan sweater for me. I mentioned in passing to my SIL that I'd love to buy a black cardigan sweater. She said not to buy one because she might have one that she didn't wear. I didn't think much of it, since she's a LOT thinner than I am (and about 13 years younger - ahem). The sweater fit perfectly (I think she didn't like it because it was too big to look nice on her) and she said I could have it.
  • Lovely weather for a road trip. Usually when we drive down to my in-laws for Thanksgiving, it's cold, snowy, icy or something of that nature. Last year (2008) it took us almost 8 hours to make a 3 1/2 hour drive because of the ice. This year? Sun, dry roads, and warmth - about 38F! Whoo hoo!
  • An excellent school conference for the kids. Both Buddy and Missy are doing really well in school. I love that!
  • Missy has excellent eyesight. No clue how that happened - the genes for that one definitely skipped a generation! - but I'm so very grateful that my daughter has better than average eyesight!
  • Being able to bless others. I had bought a pair of shoes for my aerobics class that made my feet hurt when I danced in them (they were fine otherwise). I took them to Iowa thinking my MIL might like them but they were too small for her. They were, however, the perfect size for anther SIL, who can wear them to work! Love that!
  • Being able to help a friend in need. We have a friend who is really struggling with some medical issues right now. I happen to have another friend who has been through a similar situation and was able to hook them up with each other for some support. Love that too!

I'm sure there were other things, but that's what comes to mind.

I am so very, very blessed!

How have you been blessed in November?


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