Freezer and Pantry Inventory

Uff da! Mom and I inventoried my deep freeze downstairs and I inventoried my pantry, kitchen cupboards, and my fridge/freezer. Nothing really exciting, surprising or shocking except the Tupperware container full of rhubarb sauce with a sticker on it from 1995 that I inherited from my Aunt when she moved west. I think I stuck it in the freezer so that it wouldn't stink up my garbage until it was taken outside. And it got buried. More than once. (Note: my Aunt moved west in 2005, so she'd had it in HER freezer for 10 years first - I was just playing copycat! :) )

Possible Challenges?
26 10oz steaks from our 1/4 cow. What on earth was I thinking when I got that many?
7 sticks of unsalted butter, supposedly for baking, but I'm not sure.
4 1/2 lbs of Chicken Leg Quarters that need to be used somehow.
1 ham bone that I'd saved to make split pea with ham soup for my folks but didn't this time around (John doesn't like that so I can't make it for us) and I should use for something soon.

Things I don't have:
A variety of meat - mostly beef (steaks or ground) and a bit of chicken. Not much else.
We like variety so that's going to be fairly hard to deal with. I'll have to come up with something!

Since I usually blanch and freeze veggies for the winter rather than buying frozen from the store, I have already been using those and was anticipating the rest over the next couple of months so that's not a big deal. I'm planning a run to the store today to fill in some obvious 'holes' (TP and we're out of Cinnamon - which is a big deal at our house!) and get a couple of real deals as well. I'll post on that later this week.

So, Now I just need to put together my menu for next week and meal ideas for the following weeks...that's going to be either fun or excruciating. I can't decide which!


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