Christmas Prep - Fall to Christmas Decorating

Okay, I've said I'd post this stuff for a while but, well, I've been too busy enjoying my family and Christmas and all that stuff!

I love, love, LOVE decorating for Christmas! I grew up with a Mom who literally decorated every room in the house except the ugly concrete utility room - even the laundry room got decorated! And it was a big deal. We had a special day for the Christmas Tree and the Nativity with music, cookies, cocoa and lots of exclaiming over the ornaments.

The rest of the house was no different - a couple boxes each Saturday starting after Thanksgiving. Exclaiming and excitement.

Since I'm in school and the kids are little, we don't do as much as my Mom did (plus I need a few more years to acquire all the "stuff" that she has!). I also try to make the transition from fall to winter fairly easy since I don't have much time. So what did we do?

Here's my sofa end tables:

Fall: Potpourri and cinnamon scented pine cones.

Christmas: Pine and Vanilla Scented Potpourri, Cinnamon Scented Pine cones and Felt Ornaments my Mom made for me when I was little.

My Small Roll Top Writing Desk:

Fall: (Sorry this pic is so dark - it's a wooden scarecrow that says "Give Thanks" and a yellow triangle candy dish.) We keep pics of our nieces and nephews on this too during most of the year.

Christmas: Our cloth nativity - a homemade wedding gift from friends of my parents - and a few more felt ornaments. The phone and wheat topiary are always there. The green pot usually holds a fruit topiary all year round.

Inside My China Hutch:

Fall: Cinnamon Scented pine cones and fake sugared fruit.

Christmas: Cinnamon Scented Pine cones and Colored Christmas Ball Ornaments.

Kitchen Shelf:

Fall: Our salt shaker and a marble apple John got as a HS grad gift (the "fruit"), a jar of coffee beans, and a vase of whole hazelnuts.

Christmas: Swap the Hazelnuts for Christmas Balls, Add a box of Christmas Tea and Nutcrackers! (That thing on the left is a Lefse turner - Norwegian Potato Flat bread = Lefse - and it's there all year.)

Kitchen Window:

Fall: Fall Wreath

Christmas: A wreath crocheted by my cousin - starched to make it stand out.

It looks complicated - but it's really not. Total time for all that: about 45 minutes with help from little hands! How did you decorate for Christmas?


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