Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More Excitement Than I Needed

I got to the dance studio where our Jazzercise franchise rents space for class this morning to find the front window (next to the front door) broken.

I looked at it for a minute and thought "Um, I really don't think that's supposed to be like that!" and called my franchise owner. I did not have the studio owner's numbers so she was going to contact them. They came at the end of our class along with the building owner.

Just the outer pane was broken in a double-pane window, so no glass on the floor. If someone tried to break in it was a pretty sad attempt from looking at the whole thing. (If it had been a break in I would have high-tailed it outside or to the neighboring business and called 911 first, don't worry!) The authorities believe from looking at it was just a random act of vandalism - someone trying to break a door or window just to make a mess and cause trouble.

Still, it was way more excitement than I needed for the day!

Now, it's back to less exciting things, like washing the bedding and making headway on my reading assignments for this week and a class project....

Have a great - and mostly uneventful - day!

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