Time for Recovery

Being home last week with Missy should have told me I was going to get sick myself. That's usually what happens.

And it did.

Friday night I came down with a bad fever, shakes like I couldn't believe, and a terrible headache.

Ah yes, the flu.

Probably H1N1 but we don't know. We're now being told that the flu that John and Missy had were most likely this H1N1, after being initially told it wasn't, and that is most likely what I am now getting over too.

So I've been sleeping the last 4 days - or the bulk of it anyway. Starting to feel better today but I'm still tired. I think today is a good day for sleeping and reading and maybe a little embroidery. And that's about it. I folded and put away a basket of laundry Monday and wiped myself out for the rest of the day. Then yesterday was like taking 2 steps backward. Definitely don't want to do that again!

I'm taking this entire week off of everything outside of home - no class, no work, no choir, no anything. I need the rest. I need to recover once and for all.

Do I feel like a lazy bum? Sometimes. But, I've been sick for so long now (over 2 years including this recovery time since surgery) that I understand the value rest for my body and immune system and can mostly live with the supposed laziness of it. Most of the time I'm just grateful for being able to take the time to rest with two now healthy kids at daycare and preschool and a healthy hubby who doesn't mind cooking dinner, doing the laundry and running after the kids by himself after a full day at work and juggling homework for 2 online classes besides.

I'm also grateful that I don't have a child in the hospital, myself in the hospital or any further complications. I ran into a friend at the grocery store a week or so ago who's son had been in the hospital with severe pneumonia as a complication of H1N1. He has a pre-existing medical condition that makes him more susceptible. She was rejoicing because he came home with them again. He came very close to going to his heavenly home instead. He's only 15.

Makes a week at home feeling like a limp dishrag seem not so bad...

So much to be thankful for!
What more can I ask for?


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