Monday, October 5, 2009

Surgery Follow Up

I had my surgery follow up appointment today.

Everything looks really good and I can get back to normal activities as soon as I feel up to it! Whoo hoo!

I had the spacers taken out - I'll spare you the details since it was pretty gross, but they were HUGE. I can feel the difference and can breathe freer than I have for literally years! My energy levels have now officially shot back up high enough that I'm actually giddy - John and my Mom both commented on this!

Just to demonstrate how high they are now, here's what I did today on 9 hours of mostly uninterrupted sleep:

Surgery follow-up appointment.
2 hours at JoAnn Etc. buying material for Halloween costumes, Christmas Outfits and some odds and ends to finish some other things off.
Lunch out with Mom and Dad (Dad's treat).
Cleaned out the sewing area (it still needs more but it's a start).
Ran errands with Dad.

That is between 9am and 330pm today. Any one of those activities would have drained my energy before on 10+ hours of interrupted sleep and a 2 hour nap. I didn't have the ability to bend over and move free enough to clean out the sewing area before at all!

I know I'm not fully recovered yet, need a bit of extra sleep and feel a bit like I've taken a basketball full in the face, but I'm enjoying the energy! I'm not planning on heading back to my workout or choir until next week, when I think my energy should be back full strength. I'm having fun imagining all I can get done during the rest of the year! It's exciting!

My goals for this week are catching up on old and current school things, a little baking, and a lot of catch-up sewing. Hopefully I can make a serious dent in my goals list for the month!

What are you hoping to use your energy for this week?

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