Super Savings Saturday - The Awesome Gifts Edition

Can I tell you how completely cool my parents are?

I've been out with surgery, and my parents have been running the show since John has been out with a cold/flu thing.

They have spoiled us completely rotten with junk food, cooking, cleaning, child care and free groceries!

So my fridge and freezer are well stocked! Stock up items include:
a huge block of cheddar cheese (I don't know the weight off the top of my head, but it's huge!)
4 20 oz packages of boneless, skinless chicken breast
2 20 oz packages of boneless pork chops
10lbs of potatoes
a dozen oranges
10lbs of flour
2 3-packs of shortening sticks
2 lbs of cornmeal
5 lbs of apples
16 oranges
3 tubs of ice cream
1 box of ice cream sandwiches

Not to mention all the chips, crackers, yogurt, fruit, and meat that they've purchased in addition.

Last night Mom made an awesome baked whole chicken with baked butternut squash served with cut up fruit for dinner. It was super yummy and we have enough leftover for at least another meal. Dad even got me a new liner for my crockpot to replace the cracked one!

They didn't have to do this and I am so terribly grateful. I means that the $8.33 that we had left over last week goes toward another two weeks of groceries. It means that I don't have to scrimp quite as much. It means that I have plenty of flour for bread, pizza, cookies and other yummy and good things. It might sound silly to think that $8.33 is something to be grateful for. For our current budget, it is.

Since I don't go back to work until Thursday this week, my plan for one day is to bag up baking mixes to have on hand for this fall. And make treats for the kick off for John's Bible Study. I'm also going to figure out the best deals this week to fill up our stockpile with a few other staples so we can help keep our budget within it's $25/wk limit easily as the year winds up.

And I'm going to write my parents a big long thank you note. They deserve it.

For more savings inspiration, visit Money Saving Mom for Super Savings Saturday.


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