Friday, October 30, 2009

Easing Back Into The Swing of Things

It's been a whole week now (well, it will be this evening!) since I got my high fever and offically came down with this crud. I'm still tired, but overall feeling MUCH better. I'll take a nap today, tomorrow and Sunday and then hopefully be back to normal.

On the docket for today:
  • Washing the bedding (almost done with this one!)
  • Grocery store run (busy day tomorrow and I don't want to over-do it!)
  • Paying a couple of bills
  • Working on my paper for class
  • A little ironing (if I'm really on the ball, but this can wait if need be!)

Plus the nap.

That's it. Nothing more.

I'm still feeling a bit like a slug, but I know what can happen if I over-do it too soon and don't want to end up there. So, taking it easy today still but slowly getting back into the swing of things. It's nice to be feeling the end of the tunnel up ahead. I write "feeling" because that's how I can tell. My head isn't stuffy anymore. My energy is slowly coming back. I'm tired, but not exhausted. I can actually get out of bed at 7am rather than 755am.

God willing, things will be back to normal FINALLY. I'm ready for that. We'll see what God has in mind. In the meantime, I'll rejoice in the energy I have and what I'm able to currently do. I'm so very blessed, even with the flu!

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