Class Today For Me

We found out yesterday that Missy can't go back to school until Monday at the earliest, preferrably Wednesday next week. We're hoping it can be Monday since she's obviously better and getting tired of being home with the parents! :) She is so used to having someone her age around to play with that she just gets tired of playing with us or by herself (which she does very well, I might add). I am going to take her in for school pictures tomorrow - I was told I can bring her for that but she can't stay for class.

So, John has the day off and I'm back in class today. There's just enough time to finish my presentation and then go to class tonight. I did a quick run to the local library last night and got my ducks in a row for my presentation today, I just have to tweek it and make sure it makes sense!

We have a busy weekend with company coming up, so I am grateful that Missy is feeling well.
It's amazing how grateful I am for my normal schedule when things get shaken up like they have this month!
I'm grateful I'm feeling back to normal now (thank you Anitbiotics!) and have the energy to do my work and take care of a 'sick' child.
I'm grateful that John can take today off (he can't tomorrow as he's the only one on staff - I'm so grateful that wasn't today!).
I'm grateful that I have a flexible schedule.

My daycare lady was talking about how 2 of her parents called her in a panic last week with sick kids and were unable to get time off work. I am SO very grateful that I am NOT in that position - no matter how inconvenient it is for me that my schedule gets interrupted. My children are far more important than a schedule or a job or anything else that I have going on. No matter how cranky it makes me to have my schedule shaken up, I am grateful that I have that flexibility and the desire and ability to stay home and take care of my children.

Besides, when else would I get to make crazy glitter, glue and paper pictures and funny looking beaded 'necklaces' with a four-year-old for 2 days in a row?

So much to be grateful for!
What more can I ask for?


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