Saturday, October 17, 2009

Busy Friday

I meant to post yesterday. Really I did.

Life happens - nothing bad, just good and busy.

So here's part of the reason I didn't bog yesterday:

Yep, we carved Jack-o-Lanterns. Four of them!
The two on the left were drawn by Buddy and the one on the right by Missy. Yep, they all have glasses - John and I have glasses and the kids keep asking for them even though they don't need them. The flower one is mine - trying to get rid of the bruised/cut spots on the outside of the pumpkin.

We also have toasted pumpkin seeds (I spent almost 2 hours going through all the guck to get out the seeds) in two different 'flavors' and I have apples in the dehydrator (my house now smells like apple pie!).

In addition I spent some time at John's retreat listening to him give his first talk on God's Grace. It was awesome!

Then I ened the day with a 2 1/2 hour conversation on the phone with my cousin. It was so good to talk to her - it had been a while! Which meant I didn't get to bed until about 1230am. *Yawn* :)

There were lots of other little things in there too - dinner of macaroni and cheese and fruit, playing with the kids, reading lots of stories, running an errand and even getting a bit done for school as well.

A good and busy day.

What more can I ask for?

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