Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Bump in the Recovery Road

I caught something this weekend. "The crud" as we call it around here. Brought home by the kiddos and generously shared.

At my doctor's appointment yesterday he said I have to be careful that the virus I caught doesn't open the door for a bacterial infection. This is especially important since I still have open areas in my sinus cavities. Bacteria infection + unhealed area = not a good situation. :)

So, I did go work out today (that was encouraged - to boost my immune system).
I'm taking extra Vitamin C (also encouraged).
I'm back on my Vitamin D prescription (also encouraged).
Drinking lots of water, taking naps and trying to not push myself too hard to complete things.
(Again, all encouraged).


I loved being back in the swing of things.
I loved being able to chase after my kids - something my heart has been yearning for for two years now.
I loved being back to my workout and seeing everyone again.

I know all the rest and everything else is necessary for healing and recovery.
Still, it's a bummer.

At least I can say that I am feeling better on my own - without help of antibiotics or prednisone or anything else. Just lots of water, vitamins and rest. That is a blessing. Twelve rounds of antibiotics and 3 rounds of prednisone in 15 months do a number on your body.

And I know that God is still good. Even if I've hit a bump. He still is there and will carry me through.

Soli Deo Gloria. Always!

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