Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Be Careful What You Pray For....

Each month I pick a couple of 'character' things to work on.

This month it's thriftiness and self-control.
Given the current state of our budget and that I'd like to lose 6-10lbs by the end of the year, those are very current topics.

We've had the futon break beyond repair, a plate crack in half, half the stuff in our cupboards run out, we're currently completely out of anything drink except water and out of eggs. I need new glasses and we had the weather stripping come off the front window on the van. The hinge on the front storm door is about to bust in half (it's very close) and we have a list of things we need for winter as long as my arm. Not to mention that Buddy needs shoes - badly!

In addition to that, my Dad bought a mountain of junk food. And I made a batch of my most favorite cookies in the whole wide world yesterday.

Then, this evening I opened the local paper and saw an article that just made my blood boil that was about our church. It's an ongoing issue that the article was about but I'm furious that the information was let to the press before it was brought to the congregation. John was so irritated he fired off a 'clarification question' to our senior pastor via Facebook. *SIGH*

I think I'm making progress, though.

I sent John to dance class with the kids with only $3 for 1 gallon of milk on the way home.
We found the money in the budget for the weather stripping.
We decided to leave the futon where it is, flat. Not the best for TV watching, but better than the floor.
I've only eaten 4 cookies today. :)
And, most importantly, I've decided to wait a week or so to talk to my pastor - partly to see what comes of the initial response and partly because I'm so angry I'm seeing red and know that talking right now would not be productive or helpful!

I should have known this is what would happen if I prayed for help in learning thriftiness and self-control.

A few years ago when I prayed for lessons on patience:

God sent me twins!

Yes, God does have a sense of humor.
So, be careful what you pray for.

I guess I never learn....

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