Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Spoke Too Soon!

I spoke to soon in my posting yesterday about God's blessings! I guess I should have waited until the end of the month, but I just feel so blessed, I had to share.

Here's what happened yesterday evening:

  • Squash! Just before heading out the door to his Lion's meeting, John came in with a squash in his hand. Our plant had two more tiny squash on it a few days ago but the whole thing looked REALLY peaked. We now have two squash to eat this next week - which is enough for us and my parents (who get back from their trip on Monday).
  • More Free Apples! John came home from Lion's with a huge ziploc bag of apples. Someone at Lion's was giving away apples from his tree and asked if we would like more. John said "Sure!" so we will be getting a bag or two dropped off at our house as the tree produces more apples! I might just have to can applesauce this year... :)
  • Free Freezer Gallon Size Ziplocs! The grapes and apples we've gotten this week are in gallon size freezer-grade Ziploc (yes, the real thing!) bags! Whoo hoo! I was thinking we'd run out, but now we have 3 more, which should hold us until I can buy more.

Isn't God amazing?

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